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Module quality

The module is at the core of each PV system. Combined with the fact that PV modules have by far the highest share of the investment costs, this distributor market motivates industry and small- and medium-sized businesses to build up capacities for PV modules on all stages of the value-added chain.  This has resulted in the number of module manufacturers doubling in the last three years.

Number of PV module manufacturers

  • (Source: Business Institute Solar Strategy 2008)

Many manufacturers do not have the necessary knowledge to manufacture products of adequate and consistent quality. The result is modules with random performance.

Performance measurement of 160 modules in comparison to data - information

  • (Source: Fraunhofer ISE 2007)

  • Missing edge insulation causes poor low-light behavior (Source: Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin)

  • Good module quality can only be recognized through consistent testing (Source: Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin)