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Why quality assurance?

Due to the solar promotion model, which was successful in Germany and was adopted by Spain, Italy, Korea, and the United States, among others, the demand for PV systems has increased more than the supply. Photovoltaics has developed into an industry with high growth potential in the future. The number of market participants servicing this profitable business field and profiting from it has been continually increasing.

  • Market development worldwide

    (Source: EPIA 2007)

There are also many players who have been on the market for a short amount of time and who do not have sufficient knowledge and experience to build PV systems of adequate quality. This means that a large number of PV systems generate lower yields than is technologically possible.

Most common mistakes

A PV system is a complex system, and many avoidable mistakes can occur during its planning and realization.

Planning mistake Important design criteria are not considered.
Component defect Components are purchased which provide less performance than promised or which fail more often than expected.
System error Yield-optimized interaction between all component has been neglected.
Installation mistake The implementation takes place without the necessary diligence.
Missing supervision Failing components are not recognized.