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Market entry/Globalization

Local success through international perspectives

The solar market is very different from other technology fields. Most people think of solar energy as something sensible, but not everybody sees its necessity. This creates big challenges, especially when it comes to entering new markets abroad: on one hand, possible profits are very high in Southern European regions, such as Italy or Spain. At the same time it is necessary, however, to convince potential customers about the advantages of a technology not yet established in their environment.

Profitability calculations increase the security for customers. Solar technology is an attractive form of investment. The solar technology market promises double-digit growth rates for many years, and the market rules are still changeable.

Against the background of its own international business, Business Institute Solar Strategy analyzes the rules of domestic and foreign regional markets, identifies the most important local players, and advises its customers with regard to the development of an optimal offer customized to the specific characteristics of the respective location.